Economic CI Printing Machine For Film 4 colors

Economic CI Printing Machine For Film 4 colors

Short Description:

MODEL: CHCI-4 Series

Max Machine Speed: 180-200m/min

Number of printing decks: 4 colors

Drive Method: Gear Drive ( with central drum type)

Heat source:Electrical heating

Electrical supply: Voltage 3P/380V/50HZ or to be specified

Main Processed Materials: PE, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, OPP ETC

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Machine Production technology:

1 unwind unit→ Automatic tension control→ Automatic EPC 1pcs for unwind→4 Color Printing Unit→ Dry system after printing→ Automatic tension control → 1 rewind unit

With Register Precision Chamber Doctor Blade Auto EPC system

Unwind unit: Hydraulic shaftless loading

Printing Unit: Chamber doctor blade( Denmark technology)

Ink Supply Device: Two-way pneumatic diaphragm pump for ink cycle supply automatically

Rewind unit: Superficial curl in rewind

Main Parameter

Model CHCI4-800J
Printing color 4color(4+0, one side printing, full width )
Material feeding width 800mm
Printing width Range 750mm
Printing length Range 300-800mm
Max. Machine speed 150m/min
Max. Printing speed 120m/min( depend on material)
Register precision Longitude: ±0.15mm; Transverse: ±0.15mm
Master motor 7.5 KW Domestic
The frequency converter 7.5KW, inovance. Shenzhen
PLC Inovance.Shenzhen
Machine total power 45KW
Machine weight 7000KG
Machine voltage 3Phase, 380V, 50HZ

One Unwinder device:

1.Max. unwind diameter Φ800mm
2. Unwind Way: Single Central Unwind With magnetic power and automatic tension controller 1pcs
3. Alarm device when off material Automatic keep tension when machine stop; Avoid material loose
4.Tension precision ±0.3kg
5. EPC System for unwind 1 SET
6. Unwind material holder air shaft 3’’, 1 pcs

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