What Is The Legendary Satellite Flexographic Printing Press?

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of society and economy, the requirements for environmental protection in various places have become higher and higher, and the requirements for production efficiency have been increasing year by year. The application volume is on the rise, and it is mainly used in paper and composite packaging films, various paper boxes, paper cups, paper bags, and heavy-duty packaging films.

Flexographic printing is a printing method that uses flexible printing plates and transfers ink through an anilox roller. The English name is: Flexography.

The structure of flexographic printing presses is, in simple terms, currently divided into three types: cascading, unit type and satellite type. Although satellite flexographic printing has developed slowly in China, its printing advantages are actually very many. In addition to the advantages of high overprint accuracy and fast speed, it has a great advantage when printing large-area color blocks (field). This is comparable to gravure printing.

Post time: Apr-13-2022