Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine For Paper, Non Woven

Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine For Paper, Non Woven

Short Description:

Max Machine Speed: 150m/min

Number of printing decks: 4/6/8 colors

Drive Method: Gear Drive / Timing Belt Drive

Printing raw material width: 600-1600mm

Printing length: 300-1200mm

Heat source: Electrical heating

Electrical supply: Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

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Main Processed Materials

1. Polyethylene, polyethylene plastic film printing

2. Bag(packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag printing

3. Roller paper and craft paper printing

4. PP woven bag , pvc film, bopp film, printing

5. Laminated bag rolling printing

6. Non woven rolling printing

7. Rice bag pp woven printing

8. Paper printing

Machine Features

1. Unwind unit adopts single-station or double-station structure; 3"air shaft feeding; Automatic EPC and constant tension control;With refueling warning, break material stop device.

2. The main motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the whole machine is driven by high-precision synchronous belt or servo motor.

3. The printing unit adopts ceramic mesh roller for ink transfer, single blade or chamber doctor blade, automatic ink supply; Anilox roller and plate roller automatic  separating after stop; The independent motor drives the anilox roller to prevent ink from solidifying on the surface and blocking the hole.

4. Rewinding pressure is controlled by pneumatic components.

5. Rewind unit adopt single-station or double-station structure; 3 "air shaft; Electric motor drive, with closed - loop tension control and material - breaking stop device.

6. Independent drying system: electric heating drying (adjustable temperature).

7. The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC system; Touch screen input and display the working state; automatic meter counting and multi - point speed regulation.

Suitable Material

No woven 15-150g/㎡
Woven 15-120g/㎡ Weave fabric 15-500g/㎡
PVC 10-120g/㎡ OPP 10-120g/㎡
PE 10-120g/㎡ PET 10-120g/㎡
CPP 10-120g/㎡
Kraft paper 40-350g/㎡ single-sided coated paper 30-350g/㎡
Copy paper 15-350g/㎡ firecrackers and paper 40-350g/㎡
Paper money and incense 25-350g/㎡ silicone paper 50-350g/㎡
Coated paper 30-350g/㎡ dust-free paper 25-350g/㎡
Release paper 40-350g/㎡ composite paper 30-350g/㎡
Thermal sensitive paper 30-150g/㎡

Technical Specifications

Model CH-600H CH-800H CH-1000H CH-1200H
Max. Web Width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max. Printing Width 550mm 750mm 950mm 1150mm
Max. Machine Speed 120m/min
Printing Speed 100m/min
Max. Unwind/Rewind Dia. φ1000mm or φ1200mm( can according to your requirement)
Drive Type Gear drive/Belt Drive( According to your requirement)
Plate thickness Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm (or to be specified)
Ink Water base ink or solvent ink
Printing length (repeat) 270mm-900mm
Range Of Substrates PAPER,NON WOVEN
Electrical supply Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or as your requirement to make it

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