Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine For PP Woven

Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine For PP Woven

Short Description:

Max Machine Speed: 80-150m/min

Number of printing decks: 4/6/8 colors

Drive Method: Gear Drive / Timing Belt Drive( can according your requirement to make it)

Max. diameter of unwinding: 1500mm with auto loading

With cermaic anilox rollers

Electrical supply: Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Main Processed Materials: PP WOVEN( if you want to printed another raw material again, pls let me know soon )


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Machine Features

1. Take it easy, accurate color, long life.
2. The use of motors, variable frequency speed control, saving electricity, running small fluctuations.
3. Off printing roll automatic stop the ink-running motor, and up-printing roll automatic start running the ink.
4. The use of special diagonal-tooth gear, print size is accurate.
5. There are two sets of heating devices, including central heating and constant temperature control system for packet control.
6. Low-roller special steel processing, and special process, and plating thickness of 0.1mm protective layer of hard chromium.
7. Alloy roll with hard oxidation, treating by dynamic balance, static balanced.
8. With a cold wind bellows, and can effectively prevent produce with ink adhesion after printing.
9. The Print produce are clear and good arrangement quality.

Production technology:
Single Unwind system --Auto tension control --Auto EPC Web guide--Printing Unit--Dry system after printing--Surface rewinder

Main parameter:

Model CH-600N CH-800N CH-1000N CH-1200N CH-1400N CH-1600N
Max. Material width







Max. Printing width







Printing material PP WOVEN,Paper,Non woven.etc
Printing color 4 color  (4+0,3+1,2+2),6 colors (6+0,5+1,4+2,3+3),

8 colors (9+0,7+1,6+2,5+3,4+4)

Printing length 300mm-950mm ( If you have different printing length which you want, pls let me know soon)
Printing plate lifting system Hydraulic press control

1.1) Unwind Unit

Unwind way Auto loading . Auto tension controller with Magnetic powder
Alarm device when off material Automatic keep tension when machine stop .avoid material loose
Tension precision ±0.3kg
EPC system for unwind Edge position control 1 pcs
Unwind way Air shaft 3” 1 PCS

1.2) Traction Unit

Traction type Chrome roller
Traction unit 2 unit. unwind traction and rewind traction
Bearing HRB
Single bearing ASNU. Germany

1.3) Printing Unit

Driving type Belt  drive
Ink Water base or solvent Ink
Printing plate Sensitive resin plate or rubber plate
Constitution of printing Anilox roller. Open Doctor blade. Printing cylinder. Printing plate
Anilox roller Ceramic anilox roller
Printing pressure Mechanical adjust
Color register type By manual (Automatic print after beforehand overprint. when start need register color again )
Printing plate lifting system Auto hydraulic cylinder control roll up and down

1.4) Drying Unit

Dry way Electrical heating
Blower Domestic
Power of Heating 45 kw

1.5) Electrical Unit

Main motor Taiwan delta
Electronic control system Operation control panel 1 pcs

1.6) Rewind Unit

Max. Diameter Φ1000mm
Rewind way Superficial curl
Tension control system Dancing roller. Speed model closed-loop control. tension closed-loop
Rewind material holder Air shaft 2 pcs
Rewind motor Taiwan
Rewind Paper core Φ76mm ( Inner diameter )

Machine Main Parts brand

Contactor Schneider LCI-E2510 8pcs
Breaker Schneider 100A40A20A 1pcs3pcs1pcs
Counter CHINT JC725 1pcs
Urgent Stop Switch Schneider ZB2-BE102C 2pcs
Revolve Button Switch WENZHOU LAY16 2pcs
Mini Relay Schneider CKC220VAC 3pcs
Button Switch Schneider /
Temperature Meter Schneider XMTD-9131 2pcs
Hint Light CHINA /
Electric-thermal Couple Schneider MT-2M 2pcs
Frequency converter Inovance. China H-3624MT 1pcs
Auto Tension Control CHINA B-600 2pcs
Main Motor China H-3624MT 1pcs
14 Edge Position Control CHINA 1pcs
15 Touch screen CHINA MCGS 1 pcs

Printing Sample


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