Economic CI Printing Machine

Economic CI Printing Machine

Short Description:

Max Machine Speed: 180-200m/min

Number of printing decks: 4/6 colors( can according to your requirement)

Max. Web width: 600-1600mm

Printing way: Full width on one side

Printing plate thickness: photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm( as customer requirement)

Electrical supply: Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Main Processed Materials: Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates

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Technical Specifications

MODEL CHCI-J Series(Can be customized according to customer production and market requirements)
Number of printing decks 4/6
Max Machine Speed 200m/min
Printing Speed 30-180m/min
Printing Width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm
Roll Diameter Φ800/Φ1000/Φ1500 (optional)
Ink water based / slovent based / UV/LED
Repeat Length 400mm-850mm
Drive Method Gear drive
Main Processed Materials Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates

Function Description

  • Vibration-free cast iron frame thickness 100mm.
  • Center drive unwinding & rewinding.
  • Locking print cylinders with hydraulic lift providing complete rigidity and vibration free running up to maximum speed.
  • PLC control control system.
  • Central Drum Servo motor gear drive.
  • Central Drum with constant temperature control system.
  • Imported technology aluminum alloy Chamber doctor blade system with double cycle ink pump.
  • EPC before printing.
  • Real time static image monitoring printing quality.
  • Adjustable temperature control and centralized drying after printing.
  • Laser engraved ceramic coated anilox roller.
  • Online vertical and horizontal electric precise quantitative positioning and rapid plate registration, with automatic center return function, PLC control.
  • The color registration accuracy will not change when the machine printing speed is increasing or decreasing.

Machine Features

Method:Central impression for better color registration. With the central impression con figuration,theprinted material is supported by the cylinder,and greatly improving color r egistration, especially with extensible materials.
Structure: Wherever possible, parts are communized for availability and wear-resisting design.
Dryer: Hot wind dryer, automatic temperature controller, and separated heat source.
Doctor blade: Chamber doctor blade type assembly for high-speed printing.
Transmission: Hard gear surface, high precision Decelerate Motor, and encoder buttons are placed on both control chassis and body for operations convenience.
Rewind: Micro Decelerate Motor, drive Magnetic Powder and Clutch, with PLC control tension stability.
Gearing of Printing cylinder: repeat length is 5MM.
Machine Frame: 100MM thick iron plate. No vibration at high speed and have a long


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