CHCI-E Series CI Printing Machine

CHCI-E Series CI Printing Machine

Short Description:


Max Machine Speed: 350m/min

Number of printing decks: 4/6/8

Drive Method: Gear Drive

Heat source: Gas, Steam, Hot oil, Electrical heating

Electrical supply: Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Main Processed Materials: Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates

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Technical Specifications

MODEL CHCI-E Series(Can be customized according to customer production and market requirements)
Number of printing decks 4/6/8
Max Machine Speed 350m/min
Printing Speed 30-250m/min
Printing Width 620mm 820mm 1020mm 1220mm 1420mm 1620mm
Roll Diameter Φ800/Φ1000/Φ1500 (optional)
Ink water based / slovent based / UV/LED
Repeat Length 400mm-900mm
Drive Method Gear Drive
Main Processed Materials Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates

Function Description

  • Introducing and absorbing European technology and process, with complete supporting facilities and functions.
  • Center drive unwinding & rewinding, configure servo motor, inverter closed-loop control;
  • PLC tension control and frequency drive tension control system.
  • Central Drum Servo motor gear drive, inverter control closed-loop control.
  • Central Drum with constant temperature control system.
  • Motorized register with PLC control and Manual pressure control.
  • Chamber doctor blade quantitative ink supply system.
  • EPC before printing.
  • Real time static image monitoring printing quality.
  • Adjustable temperature control and centralized drying after printing.
  • Cooling function after printing.
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance system.

Unwind & Rewind

- Tension control: Ultra-light floating roller control, automatic tension compensation, closed loop control;(Low-friction cylinder position detection, precision pressure regulating valve control, automatic alarm or shutdown when the coil diameter reaches the set value)
- Center drive unwinding, equipped with servo motor, closed loop control by frequency converter
- It has the function of automatic shutdown when the material is interrupted, and the tension maintains the function to avoid the substrate slack and deviation during the shutdown
- Configure automatic EPC

Drying System

It adopts electric heating, which is converted into circulating air heating through a heat exchanger. The temperature control adopts an intelligent temperature controller, a non-contact solid state relay, and a two-way control to adapt to different processes and environmental production, save energy consumption, and realize PID temperature control. Temperature control accuracy ±2℃.

Traction After Printing

-Steel roller surface hard chrome plating polishing treatment, External water cooling cycle; (excluding chiller)
-Rubber pressure roller·Pneumatically controlled opening and closing
-Drive control · Servo motor inverter control, no need to bring feedback card, closed loop control
-Oven tension control·Using ultra-light floating roller control, automatic tension compensation, closed loop control

Video Inspection System

Resolution 1280*1024
Magnification·3-30 (referring to area magnification)
Display mode full screen
Image capture interval Automatically determine the image capture interval based on the position signal of the PG encoder/gear sensor
Camera inspection speed 1.0m/min
Inspection range·According to the width of the printed matter, it can be set arbitrarily, and can be monitored at fixed points or automatically back and forth


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