CHCI-F Series Gearless CI Flexo Printing Machine

CHCI-F Series Gearless CI Flexo Printing Machine

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Max Machine Speed: 500m/min

Number of printing decks: 4/6/8/10

Drive Method: Gearless electronic shaft driv

Heat source: Gas, Steam, Hot oil, Electrical heating

Electrical supply: Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Main Processed Materials: Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates

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Technical Specifications

MODEL CHCI-F Series(Can be customized according to customer production and market requirements)
Number of printing decks 4/6/8/10
Max Machine Speed 500m/min
Printing Speed 30-450m/min
Printing Width 620mm 820mm 1020mm 1220mm 1420mm 1620mm
Roll Diameter Φ800/Φ1000/Φ1500 (optional)
Ink water based / slovent based / UV/LED
Repeat Length 350mm-850mm
Drive Method Gearless electronic shaft drive
Main Processed Materials Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates

Function Description

  • Full servo Printing system.
  • Pre registration function.
  • Production menu memory function.
  • Start up and shut down automatic clutch pressure function.
  • Automatic pressure adjustment function in the process of printing speed up.
  • Anilox sleeve and print sleeve.
  • Central drum with constant temperature control system.
  • Chamber doctor blade quantitative ink supply system and auto wash system.
  • Adjustable temperature control and centralized drying after printing.
  • EPC before printing.
  • It has cooling function after printing.
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance system.
  • Double station unwinding and rewinding Non-stop roll change.

Double Station Non-Stop Turret Unwinder and Rewinder

Double station unwinder&rewinding, equipped with servo motor, Tension control adopts ultra light floating roller control, tension automatic compensation, closed-loop control, taper tension arbitrary setting (low friction cylinder positioning detection, precision pressure regulating valve control, coil diameter reaching the set value can automatically alarm or stop)

Pressure Regulation

The pressure between the plate roller and the central impression cylinder is driven by 2 servo motors per color, and the pressure is adjusted by ball screws and upper and lower double linear guides, with position memory function.

Doctor Blade and Ink Supply System

Chamber doctor blade is made of robust steel construction with a quick change and automatic wash system.

Sleeve Syetem

Printing Cylinder sleeve imported from Europe Sleeve ceramic anilox roller

Central Drying System

Post-press: centralized drying adopt hot air drying.

Video Inspection System

BST video inspection system

Printing Sample


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